Tuesdays with Dory Nelly

Dory was too busy to sit still for a photo this week, so I'm filling in.

Dear Nelly,

Fall is just around the corner, and there are so many great knitting patterns being made available--how can I decide what to make??

Overwhelmed in Omaha

Dear Overwhelmed,

When planning your fall knitting, it's important to think of your kittehs. First, anything you make should be done in pro-kitteh colors. I like to show off my orange fur by shedding it all over everything ever, so I'm in favor of using white yarn. Kristen, oddly, doesn't seem amused to find my fur on things, and usually picks colors where my fur won't be as visible.

Secondly, your knitting should be an excellent kitteh bed--we're starting to get chilly in the fall! So that means lots of sweaters! Kristen says she's having a baby, whatever that is, so her dreams of knitting a snuggly white cabled pullover have been dashed [Editor's note--for now]. Instead, she's planning for a few cardigans. Like Hannah Fettig's gorgeous Rocky Coast Cardigan.

Third, don't forget your accessories! It might be a bit warm, still, for mittens, but shawls done up in warm fall colors also make great scarves. Kristen's going to knit the Adhara shawl in 2 fall-ish shades of Madelinetosh sock--Sequoia and Glazed Pecan. She even wound the yarn last night. And I helped! [Editor's note--no, she didn't.]

And last, don't forget that--gulp!--Christmas is coming! Start those gifts now, while you still have your sanity.

Aren't I so much more helpful than Dory? I thought so.


p.s. I'm supposed to remind you that Kristen has some patterns available that would be great for fall. You can see them all here. And next month, she'll be releasing a new cowl pattern, just in time for cooler weather!