Sunday sampler: 'Round the Virtual Neighborhood

Yesterday we hosted our housewarming party (where I got up early to prepare two side salads, and then completely forgot to actually serve them at the party), so I'm a day late on this week's sampler. Hope it's worth the wait.

How cute is this onesie? (That says "Giving you the bird since 1954")

Check out this amazing Harry Potter-themed nursery!

A collection of free baby sock patterns, from Ann Budd.

Now, if you were paying very close attention, you may have picked up on the extremely subtle theme to this week's sampler post: babies! (I know, it was hard to spot. Don't feel bad if you didn't pick up on it. )

And in keeping with that theme, I am happy to announce that CP and I are expecting a wee Peruanito/a! S/he is due February 8, and I've yet to knit a single baby thing. But now that the first trimester is over, I hope to find the energy to pick up the knitting needles occasionally.