On not knitting

Hey, wanna hear more about ants?!? Probably not. So I'll just do a quick recap of the latest offensive.

Then I'm going to tell you about all the things I'm not knitting. There are a lot of them.

Ok, ants:

They reemerged with a vengeance over the weekend, so I took swift action. Baits were placed inside and outside the house, the cats' dining area was relocated, and the food bowl has been placed in a pseudo-moat--ie, a shallow dish of water--so if ants find it again, they'll drown trying to eat the kibble, and I won't have to throw so much of it out.

(Incidentally, I'm considering switching the cats to a daily feeding schedule--rather than all day grazing--and soft food. I'm sure Dory will have a lot to say about it.)

No ants since.

But don't worry, a deer ravaged my garden last night, so wildlife are still keeping me on my toes.

In knitting news, I have quite a few projects I'm not working on--and lousy iPhone photos of them.

I want to work on them. I really do.

But it's hot. And even though I spend most of my day in the A/C, the weather is somehow still draining.

A lap full of wool is just off-putting.

I started this wee baby sweater for a friend's upcoming September baby. It's the ubiquitous Gramps Cardigan:


But I picked a wool/cotton blend, and it's just not working for me. A grandpa-style sweater should be cozy, right?

Right. Like a hug from grandpa.

So I'll be frogging this one.

I also started this Girasole blanket, thinking it would be great to have when (if??) the weather cools down.


But this yarn is far too cozy. Not in general, but for August. It's got llama, it's got sheep's wool. I don't want it near me.

Apparently I'm like the Goldilocks of knitting. "This yarn is too scratchy. This yarn is too soft. This yarn is too light."

I never did finish these Hufflepuff socks, they still look exactly like this:


And this sweater has been done for quite a while, only it came out a wee bit snug, and I haven't bothered to block it again to see if I can loosen it up more. It's also in desperate need of buttons.


So what am I knitting?

Things I don't have pictures of, of course.

I couldn't miss out on all the Ravellenics fun, so I picked out a wee baby vest I thought I might manage not to get bored of (wow, that's a grammatical nightmare. . . ). So far, so good. I'm also working on a colorful summer-y top for myself that will probably be finished just in time to pack away for the winter. More on that next time.

So, in conclusion . . .

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