On downsizing

Inspired by Dory's helpful advice yesterday, I decided to tackle my seemingly-bottomless WIP basket and declare some projects dead, once and for all. As a result, I reclaimed a bunch of interchangeable cables and now have needle tip sizes 4, 5, 6 and 7 readily available for new projects.

First to go were a few recent projects.

I already told you I was going to frog this baby sweater because I made a poor yarn choice:


I also decided to frog my doomed Ravellenics projects. I miscrossed some cables and knew there was no way I would ever rip back and fix them, or master the tricky task of dropping and reknitting the appropriate stitches.


With the pattern lost forever in the Ramada, San Jose, Costa Rica, CP's sweater is being frogged:


I think I'll use the yarn to make him An Aran for Frederick, from Jane Austen Knits. Possibly.

I found this second version of my Deep Creek cowl that I decided to knit up for . . . some reason? Clearly I didn't get very far, and I can't imagine what I'd need it for, so ciao.


I found a back-of-a-sweater hiding at the bottom of the basket. I started the Henley Perfected years ago, and while I still hope to knit it someday, I think I'll be starting over. Amusingly, I actually managed to remember to put in a lifeline before I started the armhole shaping!


I also found a few other projects in there--socks, mittens, a hat--that I'd already yanked the needles out of, so it's just a matter of winding the yarn back up.

I've still got a healthy number of WIPs to tackle, but I think I've purged all the projects that have no hope of completion. And with fall on the horizon, I can feel my knitting battery starting to recharge!

I may or may not have celebrated by ordering yarn . . .

(I also may or may not have subtly hinted to CP that Jimmy Beans Wool had Namaste's new Harlow Bag in stock in the very fallish Pumpkin Spice colorway, so it may or may not be on its way to our house . . . )