Tuesdays with Dory

This is my new fireplace. I think it smells funny.

Dear Readers,

I have been very busy hiding under furniture and being scared of the sound the garage door makes when it opens, so I haven't had any time to read your questions. I promise, I'll get back to that next week.

This week, I'm going to tell you about my new house.

First, it used to be full of fun boxes to play on and hide in, but slooooooowly those disappeared and now there's a lot of empty floor space. It seems like there should be furniture, but there isn't.

The kitchen is Ravens purple. Kristen says this is changing very, very soon.

There are big spin-y things on the ceiling that I didn't notice at first, but after we were in for a few days, I suddenly noticed them and got scared because they're clearly waiting to fall and attack me.

When anyone wants to come in, they magically make some kind of giant BING BONG sound that echoes through the whole house. I really don't like it.

There are lots of flying things and hopping things I can see through the big window, but I'm not allowed outside to chase them yet. Kristen says there are also deer. I don't know what deer are, but I hope I'm bigger than them.

At night I sometimes get scared and start crying for no real reason, as if I've forgotten where the room with the big bed is. Then I find it and cry some more, for good measure.

Lots of string and needle-y things are still on the couch, just like in the condo. And I'm still not supposed to play with them or sleep on them, but I do anyway.

And that Nelly cat is still here, too. :(

That's all I can think of right now. See you next week with more of my great advice!

Have a purrrrrrrfect day!



It's true, we finally moved in and have a home to call our own! It's mostly unpacked, though my studio / office / yarn room is a complete disaster area. Painters are coming this weekend to take care of the absurdly-colored kitchen. The dining room table we had at the condo was some monstrosity that CP picked up somewhere along the way and I refused to move it to the new house, so for now, we're eating on patio furniture. But otherwise, we're getting settled in, slowly ordering furniture and decor, and fixing up the yard, which is quite nicely landscaped, but overgrown, since no one has lived here for 2+ months. I even managed to get a small vegetable garden in, hopefully I'll get some late harvest produce.

You may have heard about the horrific storms that passed through mid-Atlantic last Friday night. We lost power Friday evening, and it was restored late Saturday afternoon--with weekend highs near 100 every day it was uncomfortable, but could've been worse. All our trees are standing, no major damage to our property, and the grocery store has finally been restocked (after also being without power and losing all the perishables), so we have food.

Now if I could just find more than 5 minutes here and there to knit!