Saturday Sampler: Round the Virtual Neighborhood

Thanks all for your advice on battling the ants. I suspect they are regrouping and strategizing, as I haven't seen any for about 3 days. But I'm staying on my toes. I've got the borax.

To keep you entertained as I wage war, here are some random interesting things I've found on the Internet this week.

These vintage-style Harry Potter travel ads are amazing:

Just sweep debris right into this stationary vac--amazing for hardwood floors.

So me.

Use an empty Tic Tac holder to store all those stray bobby pins in your purse!

Wouldn't you look darling gardening in this hat?

 Amazing reusable "paper" towels.

How much does Nellie Oleson look like Joffrey Baratheon in a wig?!?

Amazing. From Gudrun Johnston.