Tuesdays with Dory

I love this new jungle gym Kristen put in for me.

Dear Dory,

I keep knitting blankets and beds for my cat, but she won't use them. What can I do??


Ignored in Iowa

Dear Ignored,

The secret to knitting things for your cat is to make sure she understands that what you're knitting absolutely, positively ISN'T for her. Definitely don't call it a "bed" or "blanket." Try "sweater" or "expensive shawl."

Then she'll love it.

See, here I am, sleeping on what Kristen tells me is a sweater for her dad, but which I'm pretty certain is a bed for me:


Otherwise, why would it have that convenient little pillow??

And here's Nelly laying on it too, that little sneak:


You can make extra certain your cat will like her gift by using only the very best yarn, and then complaining about how she's turned something made with your very best yarn into a fur covered floor mat.

Reverse psychology is the secret to kittehs. And possibly small children.

Have a purrrrrrfect day!


Hmmm, not one of Dory's more helpful posts in my opinion. Maybe next week.

In other news, you might have noticed that Learner's Per-knit is now part of the BlogHer network! I love perusing their site and finding random new blogs to read--sometimes not even knitting ones!

And I'm also happy to announce that after years of mis-typing my own blog address into the address bar, I'm now the proud owner of mediaperuana.com--just type that in and you'll be transported directly to Learner's Per-knit! (Of course, if you've mastered typing the Blogspot address, it will continue to work the same as always--no need to learn anything new!)