Video Tutorial: Judy's Magic Cast-on

Wheee, I did it!


A video tutorial on Judy's Magic Cast-on.

Ten Things You Should Know About This Tutorial

1. I must have attempted to record it at least 10 times. I have no video editing skills or software, so I really had to get it right in a single shot.

2. A near-perfect take was ruined by a guy riding by on an insanely loud motorcycle. Jerk.

3. Dory suddenly developed an interest in me during take 3, meowing, and actually crawling across my lap, which she never does. She was subsequently banned from the room.

4. Takes 4-9 involved a lot of cursing. They were deleted.

5.  I used to have TWO size 6 16" circular needles, which would've been perfect to use for this tutorial. They have disappeared. So I don't have any matching 16" circular needles.

6. I couldn't find two 24" cables, so I started out trying to use a 16" fixed circular, and a 24" interchangeable. 

7. By take 9, I realized that it just wasn't going to work--the needle tips were two different lengths, making it impossible to hold them correctly and steadily for the video. So I switched to size 5 interchangeable tips on 32" cables; they were a little unwieldy, but the matching-length tips were more cooperative.

8. I spent a lot of time fussing over the capitalization of Ten Things You Should Know About This Tutorial, because the rules for pronouns and prepositions are in dispute. Ultimately I decided to just capitalize all the words.

9. It's definitely not perfect. But here it is:

10. I'm going to go watch the Orioles game now.