On festivities

My intention was to post my video tutorial on Judy's Magic Cast-on today, but after rewatching it, I've determined that my voice is not meant to be shared with the Internet. Also, I need to redo it with larger yarn and needles--small needles and fingering weight yarn are usually used for socks, but for tutorial purposes, they're just too small to provide a good visual.

So while I try to come to terms with my somewhat nasal Baltimore accent, I'll share with you some photos from Maryland Sheep and Wool!

Growing up in Baltimore, you can imagine I didn't have a lot of contact with barnyard animals, so I love going to these festivals and getting to interact with them.

Though I'm still highly disturbed by all the lamb cooking taking place just steps from the barns. Uck.






"That guy is WAY too tall!"


Last but not least, pygmy goats!

When I grow up, I want to own a sheep farm!

And now here's the good stuff: my haul.

I was happy to find the Verdant Gryphon booth relatively peaceful, I managed to pick up 2 skeins: one Bugga! and another Traveller. I also grabbed 2 skeins from Bijou Basin Ranch, which sells yak and yak-blend yarn. The red is a yak/cormo blend, and the other a yak/bamboo. Both quite soft.

The last two items are from local businesses--always nice to try something you really can't get anywhere else. The bright stripey skein is a fingering weight from Flying Goat Farms that caught my eye, and the fiber is a silk/BFL blend from Delly's Delights Farm.

We arrived at the festival around 10:30am, and were shopped out by 1--well, I was shopped out. CP was just bored. I missed the sheepdog show, sadly, but clearly spent plenty of time socializing with the other animals. 

Quite a few spinners were there, spinning on what I assume are portable wheels. CP kept asking me lots of questions about spinning wheels--which one is the best, how can you tell a good one from a bad one, what are the different features you should look at, etc.--which leads me to believe he has taken my dabbling in spindle spinning as a sign he should buy me a wheel. Very thoughtful, though perhaps a little premature!

We finished our day, as predicted, at Victoria Gastro Pub, then came home to watch the Orioles miraculously win a 17-inning game against Boston.

And as an aside, the new house is about 20 minutes from MDSW. I think maybe we'll rent out rooms next year . . .