Tuesdays with Dory

Dory really doesn't like snuggles. But I do!

Let me preface this by saying, last night I caught Dory trying to play with a bit of the design on the rug. So she may not really be all there, mentally.

Dear Dory,

I've tried and tried, but my cat just refuses to learn her name. I call for her and it's like she doesn't even hear me. What can I do? If she remains nameless, she might have an identity crisis!

Ignored in Illinois

Dear Ignored,

Trust me, your cat knows her name (and she likely hates it). She probably understands every word you say. But we do things on our own schedule. If you wanted a pet that comes when you call, you really should've gotten a smelly ol' dog.

If it's really essential to you that your kitty come when called, try calling her while holding a can of tuna.Voila!

Have a purrrrrfect day!


Well, wasn't that insightful? Another problem successfully resolved by the world's crankiest cat.

And don't forget, cranky or not, Dory still wants to see some more donations coming in for the CCFA! Don't miss your chance to win delicious yarn and other prizes, donate today!

Nelly's less irritated. Or just not fully awake.