Tuesdays with Dory

Dory is researching lace stitches this week

Dear Dory,

I have so very much leftover yarn all over my house--a quarter skein here, a few yards there. It's taking over! It seems like I ought to be able to use it for something. Any ideas?

~Suffocating in Springfield

Dear Suffocating,

Once again, I must remind the hoomins: think of your kittehs! Even small amounts of yarn can be used to make cat toys! Most patterns require 50 yards or less. Try this one. Or this one.  Or these little guys. And don't forget the catnip!

If you don't have enough yarn to make toys, I've got a great idea that will amuse your kitties, and help wildlife! Gather up yarn scraps and leave them outside for birds to use in their nests! If you put them in something like this:

and hang it near your house, your kitties can watch happily as birdies fly by to pick up your scraps. Be sure to avoid including acrylics and other materials that won't break down naturally.

If you insist on using your yarn for yourself, you can use scraps to stuff knit toys or Hexipuffs, rather than spending money on "real" stuffing. You can also make dryer balls. Or even, mini skein Christmas tree ornaments!

There are a few ideas to get your started. Whatever you do, DON'T THROW YARN AWAY. Unless it's acrylic.

Have a purrrrr-fect day!