On perfection

You can stop searching, the world's most perfect sweater has been found.

It's not a February Lady Sweater.

It's not an Owls sweater.

Not even a Tea Leaves cardigan.


Not even close.

It's the Wildflower Cardigan.

Can you believe how comfortable, how perfectly fitting, how gorgeous this turned out?

I'm so in love with this sweater I barely managed to take it off all weekend.

I didn't sleep in it, but otherwise . . .

I had many fears about this cardigan, stemming from the sizing difficulties. The gauge called for is 7st/in. In sport weight. On size 5 needles. I moved down to size 4 needles and still couldn't get it. Knitting the whole thing on size 3 needles seemed out of the question--particularly as it would mean using size 1 and 2 needles for certain portions.

So I did a little math.


I plugged in my gauge--6.5st/in on size 4 needles--and determined that following the directions for the smallest size (32") at that tension would result in a bust around 34.5".

But we all know the dangers--incorrect math, lying liar gauge swatches. Anything could've happened.


But apparently I'm not a total math failure, and my gauge swatches told me the truth for change. My finished sweater has a 35" bust and couldn't fit more perfectly.

(I won't bore you to death with excessive commentary about the pattern itself--we all know Alana's patterns are written perfection, nary an error or unclear instruction to be found.)


Don't I look happy? And kind of over-caffeinated?

I was also thrilled to be working, once again, with madelinetosh yarn. The pattern calls for Pashmina, but in addition to being a bit pricey, I couldn't find anyone carrying it in a color I wanted. I envisioned the sweater knit up in a gray/blue, and finally settled on Well Water, which I was able to find in Tosh Sport--and which is, coincidentally, a little more affordable. I purchased 6 skeins, and have at least 1.5 left, so I estimate that this sweater used 1200 yards (and I never mind having extra madelinetosh lying around!).

I'm now pondering the clothes in my closet, wondering if I have a spring-y dress I could wear this over for Easter.

Because with so few cool weeks left before summer creeps in, I plan to be wearing this thing as often as possible!