On movin' on up

We did something awesome yesterday.

We bought a house.

Well, to be more accurate, we signed a contract to buy a house, assuming it's not leaking radon, infested with dementors, or dissolving into a sinkhole.

Look, here it is!

A little obscured by the tree (look at all that shade! Bet it keeps the front of the house nice and cool in the summer), but this is it. 

It's awesome.

The master bedroom has a "sitting room;" I've already taken to calling it my yarn room. It has a big, beautiful window where I plan to put in a window seat and knit away.

It has a lovely kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a squillion cabinets, and an island.
(Well, it will be lovely after we paint it; it's currently BRIGHT PURPLE. What are people thinking?)

It has a finished basement where CP can play all the video games he wants without their obnoxious repetitive sound effects annoying me.

It has a woodburning fireplace, a flagstone patio in the backyard, and more than enough space for a veggie garden. And hydrangea bushes. And lilacs!

And it's a five minute walk from a very dear friend of mine.

It's not perfect. Our commute time will likely double, and it has one of those nitpicky home owners' associations. But those are things I'm willing to live with to have a gorgeous house in a quiet neighborhood (and still an easy drive to D.C. when we want a night out on the town).

No more crazy upstairs neighbor flooding our condo.

No more doors and windows rattling every time someone drops the dumb bells on the floor in the gym.

No more hauling our groceries through the garage, into the elevator and down the hall, raining grapes along the way.

Mail delivered directly to us instead of being entrusted to front desk staff who promptly lose it.

Walking right out the back door for some fresh air.

I know the time will fly by, but I feel like moving day can't get here fast enough!