Tuesdays with Dory

This is Dory:


It may not be entirely apparent to her that her name is Dory, because she's so often hearing other names that sound nothing like Dory. Wootie Booty, for example. Possibly Booty Face.

But the fact remains that her name is Dory.

(Unless she's in trouble. In which case, she will be referred to by her full name: Luchadora Ethel.)

(Oddly enough, this doesn't seem to inspire the same fear in cats that it does in children.)

Dory will be swinging by on Tuesdays--unless she's distracted by a shiny object or red dot--to answer your most pressing cat- and knitting-related questions.

Unless she's busy, in which case, Nelly will fill in:

But Dory's in today, so let's get started!

Dear Dory,

My 2 cats are constantly leaving fur everywhere. It coats the furniture. It find its way into my breakfast cereal. It even winds up in my knitting. Whatever shall I do?

--Fur-ustrated in Phoenix

Dear Fur-ustrated,

Fur is a thoughtful gift from your cats and should be appreciated as such. Under no circumstances should you use the Big Scary Machine to make the fur disappear. 1) Cats have identified the Big Scary Machine as a minion of the devil and we don't want it in our homes. 2) After the Big Scary Machine does its job, we have to work twice as hard to re-fur everything. I'm sure you know our feelings about work. So just leave the fur be, and eventually, it will be so thick and evenly dispersed, it will look intentional.
Fur in your food is unfortunate--we know all about fur balls, and we don't want you to have to suffer through them. Simply extract the fur from your food and drop it on the floor. Your cats will take care of it (ie, they'll lick it up off the floor and then hork it back up later in a neat blob so you can easily dispose of it). Unless, of course, you've found fur in your tuna fish. In that case, you should just hand your entire meal over to your cats.
And as far as your knitting, do you honestly prefer sheep's wool to cat fur? Cat fur is softer and cats are obviously cuter. So embrace it. It will probably be easier for you if you just buy yarn the same color as your cats. Everything you knit is for your cat to lay on anyway, right??

Have a purrrrrfect day!

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If you have a question for Dory, I would be happy to pass it on to her, just send me an email!