On embellishment


I picked up a set of 6 of these buttons on Etsy a few months ago, and am excited to use them for my Wildflower Cardigan this week! (Shop4craft has adorable buttons that I'm sure are manufactured in a sweatshop somewhere, which makes me feel more than a little guilty, but I can't find buttons nearly as darling anywhere more . . . legitimate. If you have a recommendation, please share!)

My sweater is currently blocking, so I'll sew the buttons on as soon as its dry. I have to rejoice just a bit--you may recall I did some mathematical gymnastics to work out the gauge and fit of the sweater, and I'm happy to report that the bust came out exactly 35", as predicted / hoped.

Here's an unflattering photo of me setting in the sleeves (the only knitting work I ever do at a table):