When autumn leaves start to fall

I'm thrilled to report that it's FINALLY starting to feel like fall around here. The air is cooler, the leaves are starting to turn, I made my first butternut squash lasagna this weekend, and put out all of my fall decorations (which consist of 2 pumpkin candle holders, a pumpkin-shaped candle, and a mini scarecrow . . . I think I need to do some shopping). True, highs this week will be stuck in the 70s, which is a smidge too warm for fall, but since I'm stuck in the over-air conditioned office 8.5 hours each day, I'll hardly notice.

Fall weather makes it seem a lot less silly to be parked on the couch with a lap full of wool. I'm determined to get two sweaters done before the cold weather really kicks in, so I've been knitting away as I watch the Orioles' miserable last stand.

In the midst of sweater knitting, I have managed to fit in a few smaller projects, like this:


Pattern: Bramble Beret, from Vintage Modern Knits
Yarn: Malabrigo Rios, in Azul Profundo, 2/3 skein
Needles: szs 5 and 7
Rav link

I love the classic-with-a-modern-twist vibe of Vintage Modern Knits (check out all the patterns here). This hat has a modern fit and styling, but the bobbles and moss stitch give it a rustic look as well. Sadly, I'm not keeping it, but I'm going to model it for you anyway:

You absolutely have to have a good handle on chart reading for this pattern--no written directions. Add to that one of those tricky traveling start-of-round markers, and this one is a bit of a challenge. The moving marker is explained fairly well for the main body of the hat, moving 1 stitch right or left, but for the top, it moves 2 stitches, and that wasn't as clear. Still, it was fairly quick to puzzle out. And I love how the cables intersect and entangle at the crown.


The Rios is not as soft as Malabrigo Worsted, of course, but is a bit sturdier, giving you better stitch definition. The very subtle color variation in this colorway is perfect for this hat, too.

As usual, I'm very happy with this project, and sad to be giving it away. But here's something that cheers me up--a little sneak peak of my new design!