FO Friday (note: not a weekly, biweekly or even monthly feature)

Something very exciting happened to me recently, and I simply must share with you guys.

Jordana Paige commented on my knitting.

Jordana Paige! My knitting!

Let me backtrack a bit to share my theory of knitwear designers. I figure, there are 2 kinds: beginners like me who release a pattern and then spend the next week and a half checking Ravelry every day to see how many hearts it has; and veterans who are old pros at designing, and far too busy creating new designs and generally being awesome to obsess over their patterns on Ravelry as if they're babies in some kind of Parents Magazine photo contest. That's the category I think Jordana fits into. Hundreds of people have knit her patterns, how could she find time to look at all that?

But, she must make time, because she commented on my recently finished Delysia Camisole!


Pattern: Jordana's Paige's Delysia Camisole, from Brave New Knits
Yarn: Brooks Farm Solo Silk, approx 700 yards
Sz: 34"
Rav link

Knitting-wise, this is an easy pattern--start at the top with the lace border, then knit miles and miles of stockinette with eyelets every 4th row, then 4 inches of ribbing (I only did 3), and that's the whole body. It was almost too easy (if a little tedious--I couldn't just knit stockinette mindlessly because of the eyelets, I had to pay enough attention to space them correctly, which made things move a little more slowly; also, the yarn is sport weight. Sixteen inches of almost plain stockinette in sport weight . . . )

The straps are knit in looooong strips, and attached to the body by weaving a ribbon through the eyelets.

The ribbon was, by far, the hardest part.

Made more difficult by the fact that I knew in my heart of hearts I should've done 18 repeats for each strap and, instead, only did 17. And even worse, I didn't block them to the correct length before attaching them.

I don't know why I insist on making my life so unnecessarily taxing.

There was, well, a bit of cursing, a lot of de-ribboning, and some freaking out when, yes, I found the cat sleeping on my camisole while it was blocking.

(I have a photo somewhere.)

But, at the end of the day, it all worked out. The bind off is a leeeeeetle tight, but not worth ripping out and redoing.


I've picked out an upcoming special occasion to wear this one--wool camisoles are tricky to time. Far too hot in the summer, and you'd freeze in the winter, so fall should be the peak time for this one.

(p.s. Jordana said it was "pretty!")