The Long and Winding Road

(Just to keep the Beatles theme going. I'm a huge Beatles fan. In high school, my cousins and I became obsessed with them, conveniently right around the time the Anthology was released. I still collect Beatles LPs. I got some awesome obsure Spanish-language ones in Mexico City. I saw Paul McCartney in concert last year, and it was easily the best day in the history of mankind. This is all kind of irrelevant, but I wanted to post some light-hearted information before we start talking about cancer again.)

This is going to be a quick post, just to thank you all so far for your generous response to my previous post. I knew I could count on knitters and crocheters to help put together a great new neckwear wardrobe for my mom.

I've had a few questions about designs, colors, etc. Perhaps this website will help to inspire you, this person sells many different styles of stoma covers and assorted neckwear, many of them crocheted.

The stoma will be located at the base of the neck, near that depression where your collar bones meet, so the key is to make something long enough to cover that spot. (Anyone who's curious to find out more about laryngectomies should check out, an online community of laryngectomees, with lots of helpful information.)

This is beautiful, isn't it? I think it would work, hits in just the right location.

Maybe something like this.

This is pretty adorable too.

And of course, there are plenty of gorgeous free cowl and scarflette patterns on Ravelry. (:Cough: Someone I know may have done one. :Cough:)

And as for what not to make, well, I really don't think mom would like this very much (cute as it may be for a baby).

As far as colors, I think it would be great to have a variety, to match various outfits, so please use whatever yarn you have on hand! (Except probably fun fur--I'm sure errant fibers would find their way into her lungs, which is a no-no.)

I also have some exciting news--two awesome bloggy friends of mine have offered additional prizes for this giveaway! Deirdre, over at Confessions of a Clumsy Knitter, has a kit from A Verb for Keeping Warm for a lucky winner, and Leann, who dyes up gorgeous yarn for her Etsy shop, Forbidden Woolery, is offering up a skein of yarn for a prize winner as well. So, boom, your odds of winning just increased!

Thanks again everyone, and keep spreading the word!