Gimme Shelter

I would opine that at least half the fun of knitting--maybe more--is buying the yarn. I frequently buy online because of the convenience factor, but can't pass up the occasional trip to my LYS, where I wander dreamily through the aisles, petting skeins of yarn and hugging them lovingly to my chest, as if someone is going to walk up and forcibly take them away from me. Which I guess might happen if tried to exit the store without paying, but as I would never go yarn shopping unarmed--ie., without a credit card--that seems unlikely.

There's just so much potential in those many, many skeins--what will they become? And will they fight me in my efforts to shape their destiny?

Since I moved earlier this year, my LYS just happens to be the fantastically awesome Fibre Space. And it is beautiful. Their yarn selection is outstanding, the employees are friendly and the store is bright and airy. I could move in.

They probably wouldn't like that, though.

And I don't know if there's a kitchen. You can't really eat yarn.

Anyway, I visited the store a few weeks ago and picked a few stash additions. Just a few. Including this:


And this (squeee):


Maybe this:


And finally, this:


This last one is something I didn't know existed. In fact, I didn't know you could buy Pigeonroof Studios anywhere other than Etsy. I'm really out of the loop. But you can. And this is a gorgeous skein of Cassiopeia DK weight (I knew nothing of PRS other than fingering). It's going to become a pair of gloves. That I design!

Well, the best laid plans and all that . . .