For those who love a good Ravelry link, my Dungarees cowl can be found here.

Sadly, I'm just a smidge obsessed with checking the page to see how many hearts my little cowl has and how many times the pattern has been queued. I suppose eventually the excitement will wear off, but today, it makes me smile.

Other things that make me smile: the Orioles are 4 and 0, and in first place in the AL East. Yes, we're only about 5 days into the season, but myself and most Orioles fans are aware that this can change very quickly, so we have to enjoy it while we can. Which may explain why people were cruising around Baltimore with their heads hanging out of their car windows like puppies, screeching and hollering after yesterday's win, as if we'd just won the World Series.

Or they were drunk.

And based on much of the behavhior witnessed at the game, I'm going with the latter.

This included a Moron jumping onto the field. The Moron, unfortunately seemed to have misjudged his athletic ability. He jogged from center field over toward second base, already looking winded, zigzagged around the outfield a bit, then started heading back toward the bleachers, as if he were going to somehow be able to jump back into his seat (apparently Moron has never watched a game where the outfielders have to execute Herculean jumps to get their gloves over the fence and rob homeruns). Realizing this wasn't going to happen, he jogged a bit more along the fence, then, determining that there was no easy way out (duh), and his tummy full of beer and hot dogs wasn't going to permit any more running, he just stopped. Then flopped on the ground.

And he wasn't even naked; naked people doing stupid things is always funnier.