Google Reader is not your friend

Actually, it probably is. I adore Google Reader because I'm constantly forgetting which blogs I read, and then find myself thinking, "Hey, whatever happened to . . . ?"

And then I discover that nothing happened to him/her, I just forgot s/he existed. 

But if you're reading this post on Good Reader, that means you can't see all the spiffy new changes I've made around here. I've fixed up my blog, it's a little more customized and a little less . . . blue. (But still some blue, because blue is my favorite color.) Nothing too crazy, I'm no designer and don't have the spare cash to pay someone to redesign a site no one looks at because you're all reading this on Google Reader.

But, check it out anyway!

p.s. I am aware there's some kind of annoying, absurd glitch with the download of my Dungarees cowl pattern. Working to resolve it!