Dream a little dream of me . . .

The other night, I had a dream that I met Jasmin, one of those lovely Knitmore Girls. I'm not sure why, because with moving, my mom being hospitalized (again! She should just buy a room.), and meetings at work, I'm way behind on my podcasts, and haven't listened to the Knitmore Girls in weeks.

The odd thing about this dream was that I didn't meet Jasmin at a fiber festival, knitting camp, or something normal. No, for some reason my entire family already knew Jasmin, and  was going over to her house, and only upon arrival did I find out that Jasmin was, well, THE Jasmin.

Dream Jasmin immediately grabbed my knitting project and started asking about it. What was I knitting? "Oh, it's a [insert name of sweater pattern that does not, to my knowledge, exist]!" And what yarn? "It's [insert name of sock yarn I've never used and would not be at all appropriate for a sweater unless you were insane]." Then Jasmin started knitting on my sweater for me! So helpful, that Dream Jasmin.

Then a baby deer hopped through her kitchen and out into the backyard, to face her two enormous boar hounds.