The blahs

It's so hard to post during these gray, cold wintery months. In addition to the general malaise that affects nearly everyone and makes me personally want to hibernate until May, the lighting is lousy, so I can't take decent photos of anything I'm knitting.

And I have been knitting. In fact, I've finished a whole sweater (albeit, short-sleeved). (Which was saved by the previously blogged-about Stephanie--but more on that next post.) And my First Design is nearly complete, I'll be looking for test knitters soon. I'm even plugging away at more socks. But alas, no photos.

The weather actually tricked me a smidge. Last Friday it was 70 degrees. SEVENTY DEGREES! We ate lunch in the park, enjoy a few beers out on the balcony, it was almost like summer. But then, it was cruelly yanked away, and on Tuesday, we got sleet and freezing rain, followed by 3 inches of snow. It's almost worse that way--you get the tiniest glimmer of hope, and then it's immediately buried under sleet and slush. I know you're on your way, Spring, please hurry up.

So, since I have no knitting photos, here are photos of stray cats and dogs I came across in Santiago. No, I didn't bring any home with me. But almost.

cat in Los Dominicos

Cat #2