You say you want a resolution . . .

Wait, that's not right. Well, whatever, your resolution can be a revolution too.

Now, before we move on to the list of knitting-related promises I won't keep, let's see how I did with last year's resolutions.

3 adult sweaters: well, ok, I managed 2, plus a vest and a camisole-type deal, that's not terrible or anything.
2 pair of socks FOR ME, which can include finishing the 2 pair I have on the needles: That's all I finished for myself, unfortunately.
something stranded or doubleknit: I've started Eunny Jang's Deep V Argyle vest! But it's nowhere near done.
steek something for practice: I have my swatch from Eunny's vest, which I plan to steek, but haven't gotten around to it yet.
So, overall, meh. I certainly didn't exceed expectations, but I wasn't a total failure either.
So, what will I promise this year? How about this:
  • 10 pair of socks FOR ME! Seriously. Which can include the 2 pair I have on the needles, so really, only 8 pair.
  • Finish the Deep V Argyle vest
  • Two adult sweaters PLUS two adult, um, "tops" for want of a better word--meaning summery-type floaty camisole things.
  • Colorwork mittens of some kind for next winter.
  • Design and publish TWO patterns (!!!) (I have no delusions, self-publishing will be just fine in my book)
So, there you have it, my goals for 2011. We shall see.