Some people seem to be under the mistaken impression that Maryland is South, and therefore, not very cold. I have absolutely no idea where this misconception comes from, but let me put this rumor to rest: when I left for work this morning, the windchill was 6. Not 26, not 16, 6SIX!!!! For cryin' out loud.

No, it may not be the arctic circle, but it's darn, darn cold here. Don't move to Maryland thinking we have mild winters.

(And, in this "mild" weather, I spent 25 minutes standing on an above-ground subway station platform, my extremities growing progressively number,waiting for a train.  I've finally regained feeling in my hands, which it why I'm able to write this post.)

Sadly, I am not wearing this today, which would probably help me warm up:


Pattern: Vine Yoke Cardigan
Yarn: Shibuiknits merino worsted in Mulbbery
Buttons: From NaturalResources
Rav link


The reason I'm not wearing it today is that I've worn it so much already--it needs a wash, and perhaps some downtime so it doesn't get worn out too quickly.

Needless to say, I absolutely adore it. it fits perfectly, and the yarn is warm and soft, no itch.

The pattern has a lot going on because Ysolda provides so many sizes, but once you get a handle on which instructions apply to you, it's fairly easy. It does involve a few provisional cast-ons, which I'm not a fan of, and it's important to keep track of which row you're on because it skips around a bit where it divides for the body and sleeves. With this pattern, concentration is more important than being a master of any fiddly techniques.

I actually managed to finish this is just one month--far faster than my usual sweater speed.


I love the buttons, but they're a smidge big. They are the size called for in the pattern, but I would consider going a bit smaller. In fact, if I ever find slightly-smaller-but-equally-gorgeous buttons, I might just change them!