101 in 1001

So, it seems I've got about 9 hours left to complete this list. Something tells me that's not going to happen. Ah well, it's nice to have goals, isn't it? Let's see where we stand.

knit a sweater for ME
more than one!

paint Meghan’s Georgia O’Keefe knock off 
nope, not even close

design and knit an Orioles scarf to wear to freezing April games
hmm, nope.

knit something with bamboo and/or soysilk

knit a baby gift for everyone I know who has a baby (it starts . . . )

buy some fancy, super expensive yarn (cashmere!) and not feel guilty using it to knit something for myself
well, i got some cashmere in a swap, and i fully intend to knit something for myself with it, i'm just not sure what yet. so i'm halfway there.

learn fair isle--the right way.
i can't do two handed fair isle yet (i'm practicing), but i am working on my first real colorwork project, so we'll call this half done.

knit one item per month for Christmas ‘08 and ‘09, so Christmas knitting is done by the end of November each year.
absurd. i'm delusional.

teach someone to knit!
well, no one's asked!

knit at least 25 things from my Ravelry queue (15/25)
the problem with this one is that i didn't take not of what was on my queue when I made the list. so various items have come and gone. i'm calling this done, because i've knit more than 25 projects in the last 3 years.

have LASIK; burn all leftover contact lens paraphernalia in celebratory fire.
prescription is STILL changing. sigh.

take a daily multivitamin (0/1001? I’m not counting this one!)
um, nope.

take a yoga class, possibly with Meghan or, haha!, Mom
not quite, though i am looking for one to take on wednesday nights!

go to the dermatologist

stop drinking so much damn diet soda (cut to 1 a day) and drink more water
i did it! in fact, i'm down to only the occasional soda, once a week perhaps, and i'm not even buying it at the store anymore. yay me! i'm counting this as two ;)

buy a bike, and ride it

start running 1 day a week after work and both Sat and Sun; increase to 2 days after work if not dead yet (that should do it . . .)
i've started and stopped various exercise programs over the last 3 years. most recently i started working out again about 3 weeks ago, but i've been sidelined by a cold.

cut TB down to 1/month (er, that’s Taco Bell, not tuberculosis)

go to the dentist
no. and i really need to.

get a new, exciting haircut

tattoo #4
nope. not really a priority for me now.

buy a matt & nat handbag (or perhaps receive one as a gift!)
nope. i'd still like one though.

buy wellies, and actually wear them when it rains
really need to do this

buy a black suit jacket
of course, i left it in Mexico City. oops.

if hair refuses to remain attractive shade of blonde year round, start getting it colored or highlighted
i'm pretty happy with it, actually
 find and purchase the perfect pair of jeans
Lucky Brand Denim, i love you. Old Navy diva jeans, you're not bad either. and you're a hell of a lot cheaper.
 get a facial

read War and Peace and 9 other classics I’ve missed out on (3/10)
let's see. i attempted to read War and Peace, but i didn't get very far. but i did read A Tale of Two Cities, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Dracula, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and half of Northanger Abbey and parts of the Grapes of Wrath, Anna Karenina, Moby Dick and O Pioneers over the last 3 years, so I'm calling this done.

start piano lessons
no. particularly as I no longer have a piano
 take a Portuguese course
no, but i'm still planning to do this one!

learn to Salsa
it's really a lifetime learning kinda thing, but i'm working on it.

join a Stitch ‘N Bitch and/or a book club
no, but i'd still like to

take a French refresher course

learn to ski 
I made a valiant attempt!

learn to water ski

get a Spanish-speaking “e-pen pal” and write at least once a week
no longer necessary

read Love in the Time of Cholera in Spanish

re-join LASA; read the journals when they arrive
meh, no
 visit the National Gallery or another museum once a month
hehe. no.

give Harry Potter a try

read 101 books (101/101) – including those 10 classics
i didn't keep track, but i've read a lot, so i'm calling it done.

write and publish (somewhere!) an article/paper that has nothing to do with sugar and FTAAs

cut the mats out of Nelly’s fur (without inadvertently stabbing Nelly or emotionally scarring her for life)
done, but needs to be done again!

visit Amy in NC

assume Meghan will get married, and help plan Meghan’s wedding without strangling her
this one's not my fault, as Meghan is not getting married anytime soon

visit Dave and Laura in NY

find a vegetarian meal Dad likes and do NOT give Mom the recipe
this is impossible

find out what ever happened to Jolly Joel
no, he's a mystery

host a big holiday (Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas)
i have not been permitted to do so :(

spend more time with Alicia before she hits 16 and becomes too cool for everything (go to the BES Invitational every year)
i have been to the invitational, so half done.

do NOT have a baby

attend 10 year high school reunion and be fabulous; convince Clare to go as well

make a new friend (IRL, not on the ‘net, where it’s so much easier)

open and fully fund a Roth
it's not fully funded, too many bills, but i've got one!
 de-clutter house and get rid of crap I will never, ever use (I’m looking at you, weird cheese tray from Mom!)
could use some work. and i started using the cheese tray! who knew?

buy new dining room and bedroom furniture
bought a mattress, does that count?

plant veggie garden every spring and actually use the veggies, not let them rot on the vine and/or in the fridge
still have some serrano peppers to use from this year. made some really delicious terrible for you stuffed jalapenos too.

visit Europe—or at least book the trip for my 30th (just after these 1,001 days--eek! eek!)
nope, next year

elect President who will permit me to travel to Cuba; visit Cuba
so close. but not there yet
 go to an Os game out of state (and don’t get killed by the opposing team’s fans)

visit CA, TX and FL
two out of three ain't bad

go to a Ravens game; pretend to enjoy football
why waste the money?

see Amy Winehouse in concert, if she’s not dead yet; also see The Killers again
i've seen The Killers twice, but Amy isn't touring. she's not dead, though.

eat at Pazo and 19 other new restaurants
i've tried some really great restaurants over the last few years throughout the Baltimore/DC/No.VA region. i should post about them at some point.
 go to a wine tasting and/or take a wine class

take a cruise
no :(

visit another alpaca farm, preferably in Peru
i went to a farm in Cape May, NJ, but next year hope to do the Peru thing again!

visit Bolivia

rent a hotel room downtown for 4th of July or New Year’s Eve to watch the fireworks over the harbor

find the best Chinese restaurant
Veggie Garden!

see Wicked
next year at the Kennedy Ctr!
 take a ghost tour of Old Ellicott City, Fells Point, or other for Halloween
i'm counting this is done because we bought tickets for one in a couple weeks

get an actual martini at Cosmos instead of frou frou girlie Chocolate Raspberry Martini
sadly, Cosmos is too far away to do happy hour these days :(
go back to Nicaragua to work with Fabretto or JHC; stay for 2 weeks if I can!
no :(

give blood twice a year (2/6)
after nearly passing out on the subway last time, no

set up an automatic monthly donation to Fabretto, JHC, ASPCA and/or other charities; increase it every year
not quite. i really should. but you guys helped me raise bunches of money for CCFA this year, so thanks!

Donate $5 to charity for each thing on this list I don’t complete by the deadline.
we'll tally that up in a minute!

buy a car with manual transmission
i'm not really in the market for a new car

smile graciously at a Yankees/Red Sox fan at Camden Yards and don’t give them the finger behind their back (and there’s the first $5 . . . )

make a Nicaragua photo book

collect and frame all the Beatles LPs (regular full-length studio releases)
i did buy some awesome bizarre Beatles LPs in Mexico, but as for studio releases, not much progress
 get Aunt Rose’s chrusciki recipe; make chrusciki without killing anyone or setting the house ablaze
they were a hit!

make an LOLcat

send a postcard to PostSecret
i no longer feel compelled to do this, i don't know why

write and send scathing letter to DC Metro system documenting atrocious failures and supreme dissatisfaction with service; then suck it up and deal with poor service

master Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario
not quite

play Civ IV on a level above “Warlord” and win (time victory OK but, let’s face it, pretty weak)
so now i can buy Civ V!

buy an orchid. Don’t kill it.
this is a good one, i should do it.

start using reusable grocery bags
i have 1. that doesn't really count. shame on me. but the plastic ones at least come in handy for cleaning cat poo.

learn to read tarot and entertain people at parties with astonishing insights ;)

Ok, so let's tally up all of the things I could've conceivably accomplished and just didn't , and see what I owe . . .

Looks like 45 things, so I'll be sending $225 to my favorite charity before the end of the year. You guys, keep me honest--don't let me forget!

I think I'm going to make one of these lists again . . .