Yarn Review: Madelinetosh Pashmina

I don't usually do a post with just a yarn review (I usually make excuses about why I haven't finished knitting anything, and then go on to babble about yarns using words like "yummy" and "drool"), but I've found this yarn so amazing, I just had to pop in for a quick review post. 

Madelinetosh Pashmina. Try it. You won't be sorry. I PROMISE.

When you think of super soft yarn, you probably think of Malabrigo worsted. Which, I'll grant you, is super soft, and is the first yarn that would've popped into my mind up until a few days ago.

That's when I cast on for a super secrety project--one that is, again, not for me and will have to be given away. I don't remember why I thought Pashmina would be great for this project, it's not even the correct weight--that pattern calls for DK, and Pashmina is sport (although gauge/size aren't all that important for the project).

I bought this skein of Pashmina from a destash, and spent TWO HOURS winding it, because it was inexplicably a tangled, ridiculous mess. I almost gave up before I even started. But I stuck with it because I noticed even as I was winding that this yarn felt fantastic.  And I'm glad I did. (Rumor has it Madelinetosh is aware of the issue and made some adjustments to solve it!)

I'm nearly finished the project now, and the fabric is simply gorgeous. Soft, of course, it was like knitting with butter (which, actually would be really messy, so nevermind), but it's also got a great sheen and perfect drape. The fiber blend is 75% merino, 15% silk and 10% cashmere--it's actually superwash, but I can't quite fathom tossing it in the washing machine.

And as delicate as that blend sounds, the yarn itself seemed sturdy, and the resulting fabric is not overly floaty or light. And unlike Malabrigo, which is a single ply akin to roving, Pashmina is a three-ply, which should provide better wear.

And of course, it comes in the stunning Madelinetosh colorways that I personally cannot get enough of (I think my Loopy Ewe wishlist is half Madelinetosh).

So, go out and buy a skein. Today. Right now. You'll love it.