You're killin' me, Smalls!

Sometimes I do things other than work, eat, sleep and knit, believe it or not. For example, I spend a lot of time dancing around people trying not to get squished on the subway, and tossing bits of trash around the condo for the cats to play with. The fun never stops!

Another thing I enjoy is watching baseball.

So I'm sure you can appreciate the supreme irony of me having been born and raised in Baltimore.

I heard a rumor we were once good. There are pennants hanging around Camden Yards, they must've come from somewhere. I'm told we even won a few World Series. Unfortunately, the last of these was in 1983, when I was still mastering walking upright and not drooling.

Since then, with few exceptions, the Orioles have been patently awful. In fact, while we usually hover around last place and can say things like, "well, at least we're not the Kansas City Royals," or "at least we're not the Washington Nationals," those days are gone too. Right now, we are dead last. We are the worst team in baseball.

So to celebrate, photos from the Yard:

Yes, we lost. By a lot. We're used to it, at least. And hey, there's always that draft pick thing.


Anyway, the brilliant minds behind Camden Yards offer a variety of in-game entertainment activities in what I assume is a desperate attempt to keep people from watching the atrocities going on on-field. One of these is a cutesy "this or that" interview with the players, where they choose between bizarrely random things. Like, say, Maryland Crab Soup and Boston Clam Chowder (er, I mean, chow-dah).

This time it was The Sandlot and Bad News Bears. And I'm happy to report that The Sandlot won.

"You're killin' me, Smalls!"