Team Mary Kate Recap: $1000+!

I probably forgot to mention to you guys that I'm Internet-challenged right now--the condo building is no longer offering building-wide Internet service, and I haven't gotten my self-install kit from Comcast yet, so nights and weekends are an Internet desert. Hopefully the kit arrives in the mail today!

I'm going to gather up all the donor info I have while at work today (that's what they pay me for, right?) so I can pull names tonight and announce raffle winners tomorrow.

But in the meantime, know that you all helped raise over $1000 for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America!! The "official" tally for Team Mary Kate is $1051, but I know my sister received some cash and check donations that aren't included in that, so it's actually a bit higher. And you guys were a big part of that total.
So, a big thank you from me, and my family.

(That's my dad, my sister, and our boys)