wool and sweat do not mix

So, Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival . . . yeah.

I would go again. On two conditions:

1. I can go early Sunday morning, when it's supposedly less crowded.
2. It's not 90 degrees.

My goodness, it was HOT at the festival. Hot hot hot. Spaces in the shade were at a premium. People were sweaty. Wool seemed almost distasteful.

And it was crowded. Exhibition halls were jam-packed. I couldn't even squeeze into the main hall, let alone do any shopping.

Frankly, it wasn't that fun.

I did stop by the handknits and handspun yarn competition:

(Love that yummy looking brown/gold stuff in the front!)

And I saw lambies:

And alpacas:

(I also watched the sheep herding demo, but the video doesn't want to upload onto Blogger)

But I never would've dreamed a Sheep and Wool show could be so popular in central Maryland in 90 degree weather:

I didn't stay long. Maybe 2 hours. I did stop at Victoria Gastro Pub for lunch and a cerveza bien heladita (ice cold beer . . . or two), highly recommend to all on your next visit to the Columbia, MD area.

But I bought only two skeins of yarn. TWO SKEINS!!

And one of them is for you guys:

This is a lovely skein of Creatively Dyed Calypso yarn in the Saturn colorway. How can you get it? Donate a measily $5 to my fundraiser, and you'll be entered to win this skein of yarn, or some other lovely prizes. Just $5. And for every $5 you donate, you get another entry! $25 = 5 raffle entries. Do it today! Tell your friends! Only ONE MONTH TO GO!!