The place is here; the time is now

That's right folks, my charity fundraiser/raffle will be coming to a close in exactly ONE WEEK. The walk is next Saturday, June 5, so I will be accepting donations/raffle entries through Friday, June 4. So don't forget to DONATE.

If you've been thinking, "oh, I've got plenty of time, I'll donate later," well, stop doing that! There is no more later. The time is now!

The place is here.

And for everyone who has donated, I know have not written a personal acknowledgement to each and every one of you just yet, but rest assured I have all your names and you'll be hearing from me next weekend (maybe just to say thank you, but hopefully to tell you you've won a terrific prize!). And in the meantime, THANK YOU! My family and I really appreciate all of your support.

Now, I hope everyone has a lovely, sunny, loooooong Memorial Day weekend (at least in the states) and on Tuesday I'll tell you about this cuteness: