in which i try not to make promises i can't keep

So, now that a new year has started, it's time for knitting resolutions, it seems. More sweaters! More socks! 50 FOs! Finish my WIPs!

I'm going to try to challenge myself while not setting myself up for failure, so here are my somewhat realistic goals:

3 adult sweaters (probably Owls, Something Red and Vine Yoke Cardigan, but we'll see)
2 pairs of socks FOR ME, which can include finishing the 2 pair I have on the needles
something stranded or doubleknit
steek something for practice

I'd also like to try to be more careful with my yarn selections this year, and accept the fact that some yarns just aren't going to work in some patterns. For example, my Wheat Ear Cable Yoke sweater turned out ok, but the yarn is just too heavy and rustic for such a delicate series of cables. That said, I think the Queensland Kathmandu tweed I used for my Tangled Yoke Cardigan was actually a good choice.

So, off we go. I've got a couple projects on the needles already, let's see where 2010 takes us!