Rapid fire update

I've been slacking in the blogging department as of late (what else is new?), but I actually haven't been slacking in the knitting department. So without further ado, here's an update on my latest WIPs and FOs.

I finally got my Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke on the needles! The goal is to finish it this month. So far I've got the front and back done, and the 1st sleeve on my needles.

Then I'll need a second sleeve (unless one of my arms falls off, I guess--not having to knit a second sleeve probably wouldn't be worth the hardship of learning to knit with my feet, though) before I can put all the pieces together and do the yoke.

Not sure this is really the best yarn to show off the cables, but it's a bit late in the game for second guessing, so I'll have to make do.

I also managed to knit the first sock of this year's Socktober Mystery Sock KAL from Through the Loops (and a sorta matchy mini sock for my Christmas tree):

This is a lovely Koigu I bought form someone's destash last year. If I finish the second sock before the end of this month I can enter her contest, but it's looking unlikely.

And here's a complete project, albeit a small one:

Pattern: Guy Next Door cowl
Yarn: Malabrigo (mmmmmm) in Stone Blue
Needles: Size 6 16" circ

Thoughts: This turned out WAY too small, I can barely cram it over my head--even after blocking. It's meant to be a Christmas gift, and I'd hate to see Dad struggling to stuff his head through it Christmas morning, so I'll either rip it out entirely, or use the other half ball of Malabrigo to try again. So I guess it's not really an FO, unless I find a small-headed person to gift it to. Love the stitch pattern, though.

And I've actually got one more FO to show you, but it's for a swap recipient, so no pics 'til I ship it off to her. I've also got another cowl on the needles and started the second mitten for my On the March pair. The weather hasn't really cooled down here too much yet, but I hope when it does, I'll be ready!

So, there you have it, lots of knitting. I've also got big plans to finish up some straggling WIPs before the end of the year (Wicked Eyelet Rib Vest, Pomatomus socks)--except for my doomed Foliage. I'm ripping it out. We're simply incompatible, and I have to accept that.