Knitter out of context . . .

I have quite a list of blogs I follow in Google reader, including one called Overheard Everywhere, where people submit random quotes they've overheard, that generally make the speakers sound like lobotomy patients. Check this one out:

That's No Euphemism, Dear Reader
Girl on cell: I would've loved to have gone to that socks summit. It sounds amazing!
Overheard by: Me, too?
via Overheard Everywhere, Oct 23, 2009

A summit about socks? Who would go to such a thing? Why would such a thing even exist? What exactly would you discuss?
Taken out of context, us knitters are a crazy-sounding bunch.

Much knitting going on, but sadly not much finishing. I will have a few projects to show off this weekend.
Also, a few months ago I signed up for a 3 month Sundara subscription and my yarns should be arriving THIS WEEK! I cannot wait to see them, and of course to share them with all of you.