double the fun!

In the last week I've received two fantastic swap packages that I must share with you!

First came my final package from Secret Pal 14. Thanks Amy, you were a really fantastic secret pal!
I got two great Norah Gaughan pattern books, two absolutely gorgeous skeins of sock yarn, a Rav mug that's already right at home on my desk in the office, and some other little goodies as well! (Including lip balm--I can never have enough!)
And shortly thereafter, my first package from my Recession Special Swap spoiler arrived!
Just look at that gorgeous hat! It's so soft too, I can't wait to wear it! Plus some yarn, of course, some lovely scented candles, and the cutest little armadillo key chain! Oh, there were originally 2 boxes of M&Ms, one of them mysteriously disappeared prior to the photo shoot . . .
And my spoiler was extra thoughtful and sent me a birthday card!
I've done some knitting, but I'm trying desperately to finish the Moderne Baby Blanket so I can pass it on to the baby in question. Once it's done, I'll have time to blog about a few projects!