Onward and upward

Thanks for the comments regarding the possible Christmas swap. Obviously this swap will be for very enthusiastic swappers--enthusiastic about swapping and about Christmas!

Two things I didn't mention:
1. I think we'll do U.S. and Canada, unless some intrepid overseas knitter is desperate to join in.
2. This swap will NOT be Ravelry based! I know of at least one very awesome knitter who's not on Rav, and I'm sure there are others, and we want them to join us. I'll set up a blog and invite everyone to contribute to it instead.

I'm going to give myself a couple extra days to think this over, but I think I'm going to move ahead with this swap. I'll really need you guys to spread the word, though! And any experienced swap leaders who have advice about the logistics of the swap (how to keep things organized, how to deal with problems, etc.) please feel free to comment or send me some words of wisdom via email (kristen dot jancuk at gmail.com).

I've had a couple knitters volunteer to help with the swap, and I want to warn you, I just may take you up on that!