La gente unida jamas sera vencida!

Guess what this is??

Here's a hint: that pile of bricks in the background is my office building.

Yes, we are being protested! This must be what it feels like to work at the World Bank.

I'm all for free speech, protests, power to the people, etc., but I feel it's my duty to let you protesters know that the Permanent Council, made up of representatives from each of the 34 member states, is the body that makes all the major decisions on policies that the OAS pursues.

And the Permanent Council:
a) isn't meeting today
b) doesn't meet in this building anyway.

So maybe next time, a bit of research. Because as of right now, you're out there making a big fuss to a bunch of people like me whose opinions mean next to nothing.

Also, may I recommend that you be a bit more on point? I saw a lot of signs about Honduras, but you were chanting "No mas FARC" and "Fuera Chavez," so you're kind of all over the place, aren't you? I realize they're all interrelated in the grand scheme of things, but you'll probably get fewer quizzical glances if people don't have to spend so much time figuring out exactly who or what you're rooting for. I mean, we're generally only allowed to take in fresh air during our lunch hour, so we're in a bit of a hurry . . .

Si se puede!!