On the definition of exercise

Today, I gave blood. If you've skimmed through my 100/1,001 thing (which I'm doing terribly with, by the way), you might note that I indicated I wanted to give blood more often. And I should, because I'm O+, universal donor. So, there was a blood drive at work and I signed up.

I've never had any problems giving blood--other than the fact that my blood tends to be uncooperative and takes its good old time spilling out of my arm and into that plastic bag. But I've always felt fine afterward, munching on my cookies, sipping my juice, and reading over that list of things you're not supposed to do after giving blood.

Such as exercise. Never really thought about that much, since, well, the amount of exercise I do voluntarily is almost nil (please note that unaccomplished task on the list--running after work). It never occurred to me that walking to the Metro, like I do every day after work, might constitute exercise. Oops.

So I moseyed up there and took my place on the platform, still feeling ok. Then the train came. Packed as usual, no seat. Alright, fine. I slip into the aisle and grab hold of pole to hang on for dear life for the next, oh 30 minutes or so.

Hmmmmm, something's not right. Feeling a little wobbly here. A little sweaty. Exhausted. Maybe I should move out of the aisle and closer to the doors, it's less crowded. Nope, still no good. Sweaty, shaky, and hmm, those are some interesting black fuzzies creeping into my vision. If I just close my eyes and breath deeply I'm sure I'll . . . um, wait, is this what passing out feels like?

Apparently, it is. I managed to hang onto consciousness a bit longer, but must've looked green or wobbly enough to scare some other passengers, as I was suddenly surrounded by people asking me if I felt ok and offering me seats. After I sat down, I managed to survive the rest of the trip, and then walk very, very slowly back to my building.


Now I'm plopped on the couch, not accomplishing any of the myriad tasks I had planned. A glass of wine would be so good right now. But drinking alcohol is on that list of things not to do after giving blood. And I think we've had enough adventures in that area for one day.

Anyway, big, big thanks to Leann for her help with my spinning inquiry!!

And up next, some additional thoughts on my hypothetical Christmas swap.