So little Carver Crow(?) May was born last week, and, you guessed it, the Moderne Baby Blanket is not done. Sigh. It's maybe half done. Oops. Ok, probably mama won't be ready for visitors for a couple weeks. I hope. At least Elefante is basically done, he just needs to be sewn together. And some solution found for his top-heaviness.

Wait. I prepared a blog about Elefante's unfortunate oversized head and/or overly heavy head, and apparently didn't post it. Where is it?? It had photos. Grrrr. Apparently I'll have to investigate this once I get home . . .

Here's a question for ya: do you prefer to bunch your project up on a circ that's too short, or stretch it out on one that's too long? (Duh, the obvious answer would be to buy the right size needle; but Lord knows I'm not doing that!)