Christmas swapping

So, I’ve been doing some brainstorming, and may just go ahead with this Christmas-y swap project.

Here are my ideas. Comments welcome!

I’d like to make it a longer swap, to get people in the Christmas spirit early, and just to spread out the fun. Sign ups would run September 6 - September 19, partners would be assigned on September 21. The swap would run for about three months, with 3 packages to be received by October 31, November 30, and December 19.

October would be a “light” month. Send your spoilee a handmade ornament, plus any extras, $10 - $15 on the package contents. Since the swap officially starts September 21, you have a good month to make an ornament.

November is a bigger package, but less “work” as you’re not required to make anything (unless you want to!). You’ll send your spoilee a pattern for a winter-y accessory (hat, scarf, mittens, cowl, etc.) and the yarn to complete it, plus any other goods, $15 - $25 on the package contents. I’ll be reminding everyone to please keep in mind their spoilee’s location—a heavy wool scarf is probably overkill if your partner lives in Texas, so maybe a light, airy cowl instead.

And December is the big show, final package. You’ll send your spoilee a Christmas stocking, which does NOT have to be handmade, stuffed with goodies, including (at least) one skein of yarn, and one knitting notion/gadget, $20 - $30 on the contents.

And to encourage communication between partners, I think it would be nice, if I can think of enough ideas, to have spoilers send weekly “egifts”. This might be a funny ecard, a yummy recipe, a free knitting pattern that caught your eye, a particularly appropriate LOLcat, etc.

So, what do you think? Too much? Too expensive? Too complicated? Too something?