Christmas in July?

I've got this crazy idea stuck in my head that I want to do a Christmas swap. Well, what I really want to do is participate in a Christmas swap, but as the sign ups for the 2009 Christmas Swap on Rav are currently "on hold," whatever that means, it looks like I might need to take the reins and host a swap myself (unless you can suggest another one??), an idea I find both exciting and terrifying.

So, I've been mulling it over. But what I haven't come up with is something to make this theoretical swap a little different than your run of the mill "ship knitting stuff to a stranger" swap. I also don't think I have wide enough readership to draw in an appropriate number of swappers, which is also a concern, although smaller swaps do allow for more personalized interaction. In theory.

But I just wanted to let you guys know I'm thinking about it. In case you want to
a. volunteer to host a Christmas swap so I don't have to;
b. express your desire to sign up for this completely undeveloped, as-yet fictional swap immediately; or
c. talk me out of hosting a swap, as it's a variety of torture no one in his or her right mind would ever voluntarily submit to.

One week 'til I leave for Belize. The good news is, I have a hotel room and won't have to sleep on the beach. The bad news is, due to incompetence, obliviousness, vacation time, and staff turnover, nearly everything else related to our workshop is up in the air. At least my presentations are done. I just need to talk someone else into giving them for me. Ugh, public speaking . . .