Win things! Plus, virtual camp

In just over a week we will be celebrating a most solemn and auspicious occasion--my two year blogiversary. That's right, I've been at this for two years. It been quite a bumpy ride, but I'll do more reminiscing in my June 2 post (which, given my blogging performance lately, will probably be late).

So in honor of the big day, I'm hosting a little contest. All you have to do to be entered is leave a comment on this post telling me the ugliest thing you've ever knit. Whatever the reason--bad yarn, didn't follow the pattern, knitting gnomes, etc.--everyone has at least one atrocious project they'd like to forget about. If you can link to it on your blog or rav projects, all the better. (And don't forget to make sure I know who you are--don't comment anonymously!)

And what can you win for sharing your embarrassing knitting atrocity? Yarn, of course! I've accumulated a ridiculous amount of sock yarn, considering I haven't managed to finish a single pair of socks yet in 2009, so I'll be giving away a skein to TWO lucky winners. I'm not sure which yet, but you can see (most of) my stash here--it may be one of these, or may be a skein I haven't managed to log yet (don't worry, it'll be something good). I'll draw random numbers and announce the winner and the yarns on my June 2nd blogiversary post!

Please, spread the news about the contest, I'd love to have new readers, even though I rarely post anything worth reading.

A few unrelated notes:

First, for my dear Leann who was unceremoniously and most unfairly booted from Ravelry, here are the non-Rav links to the patterns I mentioned in my last post:


Moderne Baby Blanket

Trellis and Keyhole Tank

Also, if anyone is looking for a fun summer swap, check out HSKS 8: Summer Camp. HSKS 7 was loads of fun, so I definitely plan to sign up again. It's a fun group of swappers, and there's a lot going on other than just shipping yarn off to an anonymous stranger, so check it out!