the slow demise of society

I just walked into the 8th floor bathroom and discovered someone talking on her cell phone while USING the toilet. What on earth?!? Come on now, people, I can imagine few things so important that they can't wait until you've finished your business--and whoever this was wasn't talking about anything even approaching life-threatening. If you want to chit chat while you pee in your own home--or even perhaps a single-stall public bathroom--that's your deal, but it's just not appropriate at the office. Ever. Ugh.

Now, for some good news (although not knitting related)--next week I'm cat-sitting for my friend while she's on her honeymoon, staying in her condo. All week I'll have just a 30 MINUTE commute!!! I simply cannot wait, I'll have so much extra time in my day. Hopefully some of it will be devoted to knitting, especially since I'm biting the bullet and heading to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this year--I'll buy way, way too much yarn, no doubt.