a perfectly cromulent explanation for my non-blogging . . .

I've just been plugging away trying to finish up two scarves before this weekend. And the thing about scarves is, they kinda look the same from beginning to end. Nothing to see here, people.

No progress on Tangled Yoke--just before I realized I needed a 40" size 3 circ to finish it, I placed a Knit Picks order, so I haven't been able to justify placing yet another one, although with the 40% off book sale, I may just go ahead.

I spent part of today stalking Knitterly Things waiting for the shop update--I desperately want some vesper sock yarn to make some Jaywalkers, but once the yarn was ultimately up, I decided I didn't really need to spend $24 on one skein of sock yarn right that very instant--I've got all 6 pairs of my Personal Sock Club to get through (hopefully!) this year, so Jaywalkers are on the back burner anyway.

I got a great package from the Loopy Ewe last week, and am awaiting some other yarny packages--one from Woolgirl with yarn for my Warm Ewe Up spoilee, and other of yet more sock yarn that I picked up in a Rav destash.

One of these days the actual knitting content will outweigh the yarn buying content on this blog, I swear. Someday.

(If you don't get "cromulent," I just . . . I just can't help you.)