tangled up in heather and tweed

Well, it's been a long time coming, but we're finally at the crucial point: the tangled yoke of the Tangled Yoke Cardigan (cue trumpets, loud cheering, general fanfare.).

The cable doesn't look overly-complicated, just time consuming. I'm still not sure about the bobbles--I'm not really a "bobble" kinda girl--but they're small and unassuming, so perhaps it will work. (I've also read ahead in the pattern a bit and am quite confused by the instructions for the neckband--something about picking up stitches, and folding something over something else and doing a three needle bind off and then, ta-da! a neckband! so if anyone has any insight on that segment, please let me know.)

Still plugging away on the second TTL sock, but making good progress, and also cast on for the famous chevron scarf for my sister for Christmas, which is easy peasy, but slow going all the same (and since it involves two balls of yarn, not very portable).

Unfortunately I'm way, WAY behind on a bunch of other Christmas gifts, despite my best efforts not to be "that knitter" this year. So i may be cutting down the list a bit.

And I'll admit, until right this very second, I'd completely forgotten that I even have the henley perfected on the needles as well. Oops. Needless to say, no progress there.

And no--no hat, scarf or gloves for yours truly either. And it's really getting chilly here--snow flurries yesterday (that I missed, stuck in a boring meeting). Hopefully I can squeeze them in between gifts--I really don't want to wait until after Christmas to finally have cozy knits of my own.