speed posting

I wanted to get a good post in for you all (surely you're desperate, refreshing your Google reader every 5 minutes, eager for my latest words of wisdom) before Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Media Hype Hanna comes rolling through and knocks out our power (I'm just assuming, since our power is constantly going off for absolutely no reason at all), but sadly, by the time I got home tonight, rain was already threatening and there wasn't enough light for photos of my Beaverslide yarn (which is so squishy and delicious) or the few inches I've knit of Henley Perfected. Hopefully I'll have enough daylight and electricity to post tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Henley Perfected is going along smoothly so far, but I'm already getting anxious about the lace part. I don't understand the increasing/decreasing in lace instructions. If you pair all your decreases with increases to keep your stitch count right, how are you actually decreasing? I can't quite wrap my head around it. But I found an intriguing suggestion on a Ravelry forum post today--instead of increasing and decreasing, try going up/down a needle size or two. I'm going to ponder this option for the bust increases--I'm making Henley for my sister, who's about as well-endowed as I am, and so doesn't require significantly more room in the chest area. Think it'll work?

I also have a new knitting obsession, and no, it's not more yarn. It's podcasts. I know I'm a little late to the boat on this one, but they're great to listen to at work while I pretend to be working (er, I mean, while I toil very diligently). I especially like Knitmore Girls, although I'm slightly weirded out by how similar the daughter's voice is to my own. I've only tried out a couple so far, but just added 3 more to my subscriptions. I'll try to do a more in depth review once I've thoroughly vetted them.

J just came up to tell me the Orioles are now losing 11-2; this is about the time of year I pray for the end of baseball season, because the Orioles start finding astounding ways to lose (and this time is no exception; walked in 3 runs, hit a batter, and gave up a grand slam), which drives me to drink. I wish I liked football more. Off to get some beer . . .