¡¡¡que chévere!!!

Taking a brief respite from jumping up and down excitedly to share the Falling for Ewe Autumn Yarn Swap package I got today. It's absolutely fantastic:

I got some gorgeous snuggly soft Malabrigo (which, awesome, of course, but always makes me laugh; mal abrigo = bad coat), some beautiful Louisa Harding wool/silk blend, an adorable hat pattern that I've been meaning to knit, bamboo DPNs (or "yarn sticks," as J called them--yes, seriously) in a size I really needed and actually added to and removed from my KnitPicks cart several times that last time I ordered, some wonderful smelling soap, a chocolate bar (yum! and milk chocolate too! I'm not a big fan of dark chocolate, heart-healthy or no), a little pen and ink set, a lip balm, and some super cutie russian nesting doll stickers.

What a truly wonderful, thoughtful package. I absolutely love everything (I may or may not currently be eyeing up the chocolate bar . . . ), and want to send a big "thank you" to my spoiler. You rock ;)

[Dear readers, your Spanish word of the day: chévere. Usage varies throughout the Spanish-speaking countries, but it means something like "cool" or "awesome" or "nice.")