all along the swatchtower

The good news: my Tangled Yoke swatch was much better behaved after a soak, though still not the right size, so I re-swatched on 4s and got gauge. Hurrah!

The bad news: I now need to try to knit both the Henley and Tangled Yoke on the single pair of size 4 needles I own. I rarely use straights any more, but even if I did, I don't have a pair. So I guess I'll be switching my size 4 needle tips back and forth between the 2 projects. Obviously I could buy a second pair of tips (or hey, even an entire second set of interchangeables!), but then I'd have to place another KnitPicks order, which is always dangerous. We'll see. Maybe if some of that much-desired Imagination becomes available (I love the note about how they were "overwhelmed" by the response. Really? Because knitters aren't notorious in their love for handpainted sock yarn. At all.).

I've also thunk up themes (alas, not particularly creative ones, but I'm pretty happy with them nonetheless) for my Falling for Ewe swap spoilee, and ordered yarn for 2 packages. I'm still debating about what yarn to pick up for the third. I desperately want to order something from The Loopy Ewe, just because I haven't before. I ordered one of the yarns from Jimmy Beans Wool, which was also a first for me, and I like them already--well, kinda. They sent me a coupon for free shipping on my next order. Enablers.