'ta luego

Yes, it's true, I'm off again. Time for family vacation round 2: 5 days at the beach with my parents.

As trashy as it has become, I still love Ocean City, MD; it's full of characters, I know it almost as well as I know my hometown, delicious fattening foods (Fisher's, Thrasher's, Dumser's, Dough Roller . . . ), and of course, the beach. Josephine is coming with me, and if she's not done by the time I leave, well, I might just throw her into the ocean and let the jellyfish have her. (Note, I have no fear of the ocean, sharks, etc., but am quite concerned about jellyfish; I tend to freak out while swimming, thinking one is touching me, and then realize it's just my hair swirling around me. Maybe I need a haircut.)

In other exciting news, I finally got a NEW CAMERA! Just to give you a vague idea of the actual age of the ancient artifact I was using to take pictures, it's only 3.2 megapixels. I don't even think you can buy that size anymore. Our new Canon Powershot is 8mx and has all kinds of other fancy features and settings and confusing options, so I promise to take lots of pictures with it and show them off when I return.