in which i've accomplished nothing . . .

Things I am not blogging about but should be: a finished Josephine.

Yep, that's right, still not done. My very good reason/lame excuse for this delay is that I forgot to bring the back with me to the beach, and since it's fairly important that the back and front match up, I couldn't get very far without it. I just passed the split for the neck:

You can see I've now reached a point where I have to have two balls of yarn attached, which is annoying and tangle-y, and very not portable (Could I simply have started knitting from the opposite end of the same ball of yarn? Maybe, but I'm not that bright).

I actually returned from the beach on Wednesday, but made a very misguided promise to my sister that I would watch her new dog while she's at the beach. Moby and I have been inseparable since Wednesday night--not voluntarily, mind you--which hasn't left much time for knitting. You can read all about my dog adventure here.

But, I do want to show off some of the pretty, pretty pictures my new camera has produced, so let's venture once again into the world of gardening!

Here's yesterday's harvest:

That's 3 tomatoes (I picked a 4th the previous day), 4 jalapeño peppers, 2 tomatillos, and a big bunch of basil, my third of the year. Sadly, we came home to find one tomato had already fallen off the vine and was bug eaten, but I've got at least 12 more out there, a few that are ripening, and some still green (I'm ready for fried green tomatoes!). I have at least 4 more peppers coming, and about a zillion tomatillos (although, I swear I just saw a squirrel hop off with one; hopefully my eyes are playing tricks on me). I'll chop these peppers and tomatillos up and put them in some guacamole, I think. I used the basil to make this delicious Lemony Zuccihini and Basil Quinoa Pilaf (sans chicken), and here are 2 tomatoes I sliced up for (veggie) burgers:

There's something so satisfying about growing your own food. Once we move to a bigger house, I hope to have room to grow zucchini, as well as sugar snap peas, which I love. Too bad you can't grow your own yarn, but I think alpaca farming is just a bit beyond my reach.

Ah, I also managed to be swindled into ordering some yarn by brooklyn tweed's latest post, in which he mentions yet again the wonder that is Beaverslide Dry Goods. I ordered 2 different shades of the worsted weight, one for possibly the Wheat Ear Cable Yoke sweater, and another for a boy sweater, maybe Beau. Can't wait to try it out!